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Health & Safety Management

Toma Construction pursues zero-accidents through our human-esteemed management, whereby we think, control and act through putting health and safety first.

  • We, including all our members and partners, do our best to prevent occupational accidents by implementing safety and health management.

  • We evaluate the risks from the work and establish safety measures before performing every task.

  • We minimize unsafe factors through ensuring a comfortable work environment, managing human resources and making a habit of predicting danger.

  • We take emergency measures and provide first aid immediately in the event of an occupational accident. We investigate causes and take appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of similar or other accidents.

Main Content

  • All employees participating in health & safety activities.

  • Improve unsafe behaviors.

  • Health & Safety activities lead by subcontractors.

  • Clean site

  • Convenient site

  • Healthy site

Intensive Control

  • All members participating in safety responsibility zone program.

  • Strictly apply ‘One Out and Three Strike Out’ system.

  • Mandatory participation by subcontractors of over 5 billion won.

  • Divide all the roads in the site into pedestrian and vehicle ones.

  • Maintain the lounge, restroom and restaurant of the same quality as those for employees.

  • Blood pressure measuring for all workers: every other week.