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The Chairman at Toma Group
Mohd Ataur Rahman Bhuiyan (Manik)

The Chairman, Toma Group


Greetings and welcome to the world of "Toma Construction and Company Ltd." a concern of "Toma Group of Companies" The following profile will give a concise but firm understanding on the kind of company we are and the size of the business portfolio we are dealing with.

We have come a long way from our inception during 1996, through a lot of changes in the political, socio-economical arena of both national and global, gathered a lot of experience through tasking on challenging projects and eventually mastered ourselves, seasoned our company to meet more challenges ahead and making this country more proud of us. There has been some remarkable and spectacular changes over the years in terms of construction methods, technologies and their applications. We have successfully accommodated, adopted and implemented those challenges at our company through comprehensive processes and accomplished tremendous success.

This has all been possible because of our valued clients who trusted us and had the confidence on us over the years. Their significant presence makes us complete and confident. We look forward to serve your construction needs at any time with pleasure. Thank you for your kind appreciation.