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Moghbazar-Mouchak Flyover

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Welcome To
Toma Group


We are Toma Construction & Co. Ltd. (TCCL) the flag ship company of Toma Group has been the leading company of the conglomerate since its inception.

We have come a long way from our inception during 1996, through lot of changes in the political, socio-economical arena of both national and global, gathered a lot of experience through tasking on challenging project and eventually mastered ourselves, seasoned our company to meet more challenges ahead and making this country proud of us.


Roads & Highways

Toma Group has abundant experience in national development projects including roads, the core route to national development, as well as bridges and tunnels. Toma has contributed to the balanced ...

  • National Highway
  • Regional Highway
  • Zilla Road
  • Multi Modal
  • Repair Highway/Road

Railway & Ancillaries

Toma Group is proactively engaged in the construction and renovation of railroads, the backbone of overland transportation. Railroad construction demands advanced technologies capable of addressing latent risks ...

  • Rail Tracks
  • Station Buildings
  • Railroad Bridges
  • Rail Footbridges
  • Repair Rail Tracks
  • Repair Station

Flyover & Bridges

The purpose of the project is to facilitate north-south traffic movement by increasing the traffic carrying capacity of Satrasta, FDC, Moghbazar, Mouchak, Santinagar, Malibag road and Moghbazar, Malibag two rail intersections. The proposed flyover will connect those intersections. The total length of the Flyover will be about 8.25 km.

  • Flyover Bridge
  • Foot Over Bridge
  • Cantilever Bridge
  • Suspension Bridge

Building & Structure

TOMA always strives to build the best buildings possible by combining superior architectural engineering with our ceaseless efforts to improve residences by understanding our customer's desires.

  • Residential buildings
  • Educational buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Medical buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Civic buildings

Jetty & Marine Docks

Our obsession for great designs, when coupled with our technical expertise, helps us create marine docks

  • Wet Docks
  • Dry Docks
  • Jetty

Embankment & River Guard

Our obsession for great designs, when coupled with our technical expertise, helps us create revetment that has life in it!

  • Concrete Blocks Revetment
  • Stone Gabion Revetment
  • Stone Revetment
  • Sack Revetment

Food Grain Silo

Toma has abundant experience construction of Concrete Food Grain Silo including all civil works i.e. sub and super-structure with 30 number of silo bins, Concrete head house, Construction of Jetties and access bridge and for smooth operation of silo activities, supply, Installation and commissioning of all mechanical and electrical silo equipments as per design Build and Transfer (DBT) type of contract.

  • Concrete Silos
  • Steel Silos
  • Bag Silos


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    Still we have our Hot Line (Call Centre/ Help Desk) number: GP 01755667070 besides Robi Number 01866667070...

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